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PPE Products is a trading name of Hammonds Group Ltd

Our main objective throughout the Covid-19 pandemic has been to support our clients, employees and the wider community. We as a Group, have been able to achieve this by diversifying our normal business practise and utilising our contacts throughout our business operations in the supply of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). We have also been able to assist with essential supplies to the NHS, healthcare organisations, medical surgeries, care homes, emergency services, local authorities, frontline business, and key workers during the outbreak. The Hammonds Group are continuing to support organisations and protect businesses during these unprecedented times by suppling these products, securing new stock/product lines weekly whilst offering competitive pricing as well as immediate delivery.

As a business we have been quick to react, but we have also evolved and more importantly listened to feedback from our customers. During the pandemic, we have been working with a UK based manufacturer to develop a new unique product, The SS1: A FOOT Operated Hand Sanitiser Station, that eliminates the risk of cross contamination by using a foot operated peddle, unlike hand held bottles and other dispensers already on the market. Realising foot operation is not always an option, a further operation lever is fitted for people who cannot operate the foot pedal.

The Hammonds Group is a multi-million-pound organisation that includes Birway, total vehicle solutions provider, and Penham Excel, enforcement agents. Both companies have built an excellent reputation within their respective industries for professional quality award winning services matched with accreditations to leading trade bodies. Our clients include several blue-chip organisations, international manufacturers, banks, financial organisations and local authorities throughout England and Wales

PPE products are here to support everyone with their personal, public or business requirements of PPE and the market leading SS1 foot operated hand sanitiser station.

The larger part every person plays by utilising PPE, the SS1 FOOT sanitiser station and social distancing, the more we can protect the NHS and save lives.

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